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  1. baz852
    drive for Viva Trucking VTC
  2. RockyBIG
    Looking for an active VTC to join up with!
  3. scanialoverr
    scanialoverr Max
    Happy birthday!
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  4. David040700
    David040700 Max
    Happy Birthday Max !
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  5. Snaaaze
  6. Азаров 彡ッ
  7. ◇ Danny ◇
    ◇ Danny ◇
    Finally back in the game
  8. T-L | Spike | MD
    T-L | Spike | MD
    Currently Starting up W&N Logistics Europe. All we need now is drivers that like realism and fun mix together
  9. Empire KickAss
    Empire KickAss
    Made 500 posts
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    2. Warrior
      Congratulations on your 500th post sir!
      Jul 4, 2017
  10. Occasional Win
    Occasional Win
    Recently bought ATS/ETS2 and looking to join a VTC, Canada-based/friendly preferred.
  11. Maticus1999
    Have not been on for a while, going to get back on here very soon :P your all doomed ;)
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    2. 4D1L
      Rest in peace.
      Jun 28, 2017
  12. Ronnie._1
    RM Logistics!!!
  13. Empire KickAss
    Empire KickAss
    PAYDAY 2: We're giving away 5 million copies of PAYDAY 2 for a limited time only! On Stream
  14. David040700
  15. StuartD
    o/ Long time no see <3
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  16. mavrik2
    Hi just rejoined ETS, now on mp and looking for a vtc that i can keep my truck in
  17. Nicolas86dc
  18. Jellyrole
    Im back finally. Been a few months.
  19. [NM]destructeur_68
    1. David040700
      Salut ! ^^ Il faut parler anglais sur ce forum par contre ;)
      May 21, 2017
  20. Erkki
    Hello, searching for a company at the moment :)

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