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    Come drive for EMAEMCO
  2. Joey mlcompany logistics
    Joey mlcompany logistics
    We are looking for new and existing driver's to join our VTC ML COMPANY LOGISTICS
  3. Geoff Alan Thomson
    Geoff Alan Thomson
    I am a 61 yo rookie truckie on both ETS and ATS always looking for new mod maps to add to either sim so I can travel greater distances.
  4. jon88
    JMS trucking is now recruiting in ats come join
  5. ML Company
    ML Company
    ML company is now recruiting
  6. Maticus1999
  7. Maticus1999
    Afternoon all
  8. Max
    Just back from sailing across the Atlantic Ocean! I'll make a thread to explain once I get some time! :)
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  9. Atlas Gaming Group
    Atlas Gaming Group
  10. Leriche45
  11. Elijah Shetler
    Elijah Shetler
    Also, I would appreciate it if I could get some advice on starting my professional VTC. Thanks
  12. Elijah Shetler
    Elijah Shetler
    We are looking for drivers who are good with high value and heavy haulage. Currently we are based in San Diego, CA. please contact me.
    1. Max
      You can always make a thread in our VTC section instead! :)
      Apr 16, 2018
  13. Elijah Shetler
    Elijah Shetler
    Shetler Distribution VTC
  14. David040700
    Happy Easter guys ! :)
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    2. Max
      And to you too! :)
      Apr 1, 2018
  15. tonyb647
    Newly forming vtc.
  16. 1990Omerta
    1990Omerta chrometrucker
    Sorry chrome if your available to join message me on steam look up omerta261 or bigo
  17. 4D1L
    Worst internet provider in the UK strikes again...
  18. AngryDuck
    let's drive :-)
  19. justin hall
    justin hall Adi
    hey mate the Australian map should include kenworths HQ in Bayswater north and Kilsyth VIC and add a couple little towns to pass through.
  20. United Trucking VTC
    United Trucking VTC

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