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    So strange to see a brand new ! It looks very nice :)

    So strange to see a brand new ! It looks very nice :)
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    SCS Blog: Estonian Birthday

    Source: The release of Beyond the Baltic Sea brought five countries to the world of Euro Truck Simulator 2, including Estonia, which celebrates its 101st birthday on February 24th. To mark this special occasion, we have updated the...
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    Hello from Cornwall

    Welcome here @Shadowcaster ! :)
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    ATS and ETS2 Update 1.34

    Source: After the content-loaded updates from previous months, 1.34 is a relatively small maintenance update serving primarily to introduce new content prepared by our vehicle department. The next big things planned need more time in...
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    MAN TGX E6 coming soon !

    Hi guys ! SCS posted an interesting video on YT. It reveals "something ready to go"... The description says "a missing member is about to join the pack" I'm pretty sure that under these lights is hidden the MAN Euro 6 ! It looks like it's finally coming to the game. :)
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    Looking for a headlight mod.

    I found a "AI Realistic lights" mod, maybe you'll like it...
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    Double trailers

    I think you're right ! I believe you can have double trailers in Finland tho. There's probably a mod in order to have them in the rest of Europe. ;)
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    Night time bug plus help

    MP has its own sync time, soo I'm not sure it will work. But try it anyway @Rameshsalvi :)
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    A feature for those who own and enjoy both ATS and ETS2.

    That's interesting ! Having the same budget for the 2 continents... But would it mean that you could drive your european truck in America (or the opposite) ? ;)
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    Night time bug plus help

    Never heard of this bug. I don't know how to fix it, I'm sorry... (at least it's not a major issue, but I understand that it can be annoying)
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    Euro Truck Simulator 2: my thoughts

    Promods is definitely a great addon, it's huge and you can discover so much new places ! I remember the first time I saw tumbleweeds in ATS, it was so cool ! :)
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    SCS Blog: Volvo VNL coming to American Truck Simulator

    I don't know, but they better hurry ! (why do MAN and Renault don't approve their truck ?!)
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    SCS Blog: Volvo VNL coming to American Truck Simulator

    Very cool !! @Max is gonna be happy :) Now I want the new VNL from 2018... Haha ! No but for real I said to myself " 'Looks a bit old " :p It's still great news tho !
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    Your worst multiplayer experience?

    @di9girl Some people are so annoying in MP ! There's so much incidents going on... Getting banned without being guilty.. arr :mad: (Fortunately, there's still some good players, and you can still have fun driving in MP!)
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    Weather sync in MultiPlayer !

    You can have the Winter mod on MP from December (TruckersMP's team make it available during several months). ;) As for Single Player, you already can use the "Frosty Winter Mod" (it has been updated today !) :