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    Christmas 2016 Giveaway!

    Best of luck all!
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    Truck Renault T Truck

    very nice
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    Which DLC have you bought?

    so far Scandinavia,Going East!,viva la france,Schwarzmueller,High Power Cargo Pack,cabin accessories, wheel tuning pack, National Window Flags,Christmas Paint job,Prehistoric;Metallic Paint Jobs Pack
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    VIVE LA FRANCE! Cinematic

    welcome back
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    ETS 2 - map by MsHeavyAlex

    cool map
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    DLC Wishes

    nice see if comes food and hunger
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    More Achievements for ETS 2 on Steam!

    wish see more in basic game no onli for dlc
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    Freightliner SuperTruck

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    SCS Blog: Rims and Tyres Upgrade

    cool, hope soon comes