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    ATS American Pride Enterprises Logistics VTC

    Hi there, do you have any photos of your livery as this may interest potential joiners more than just some text?
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    Any one for GTA V Online FiveM?

    Yeah Police, Ambulance, Fire, Highways Agency and all the divisions with it :)
  3. ets2_20190420_152703_00.png


    Keeping the wheels turning, you get me ;)
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    Any one for GTA V Online FiveM?

    So FiveM is a online platform that allows you play online with modification. Doesn't that sounds cool! The bellow images are from a community called KentRPC of which i'm a member! This is a PC modification btw! :cool: See me in action anyway ;) Video Link
  5. Maticus1999 Revamp - We're back!

    Well done! Glad everything is going well for you fella :)
  6. Love abit of a golden griffin! ;)

    Love abit of a golden griffin! ;)

  7. My daily drive <3

    My daily drive <3

  8. Good old Alissa

    Good old Alissa

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    Meet Maticus1999!

    Hey, I'm Maticus or Mathew which ever floats your goat :cool: I Joined back in the yonder of May 2015 as a humble moderator and now i'm the community OVERLORD, urm i mean Community Manager :p So you should be seeing me a lot more on the Forum and Facebook What do you do day-to-day...
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    What are you currently listening to? #3

    I have to share two tracks as they are absolute bangers!!! Back to back tracks when doing skinning or trucksim stuffs!
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    Re-Launch Livestream

    What’s the worst that could happen..... ;)
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    ETS2 Mathew Stones International & Contracting (MSIC)

    So after this re-boot just thought I would add we are still here and recruiting so come on down ;)
  14. Maticus1999 Revamp - We're back!

    New design defiantly rocks! :cool: