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    Anyone else bothered by traffic AI?

    Haha, this is exactly what I was going to say! AI is definitely better than it was on the original ETS though! :p
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    Hey there, and welcome aboard! If you’ve not already, feel free to pop a post up in our VTC section too :)
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    Welcome aboard, @DilutedSalt! :)
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    I’ve not played Minecraft for years, but was thinking about installing it again the other day!
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    New Volvo XXL Cab

    Just seen this on the Volvo YouTube page, I thought it was pretty cool and decided to share with you all!
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    ETS2 Boyd Transport

    I thought this was the Range T from SCS for a moment!
  7. Max "BEST BITS" - YouTube Compilations

    You’ve already got the most recent video of me tipping my truck :D
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    ETS2 ICE Logistics are recruiting!!

    Hey there! I’ve moved your thread to the correct section. Do you work only on ETS2, or ATS too?
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    Hope you enjoyed the stream!

    Hope you enjoyed the stream!
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    Welcome back! How are you finding the changes so far?

    Welcome back! How are you finding the changes so far?
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    What are you currently listening to? #3

    This has been really popular in the past, so I thought I'd create a new "What are you currently listening to?" thread as part of our refresh. To start it off, this is what I'm listening to at the moment whilst doing some tidying on the forum! Looking for something new to listen to? Take a...
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    Welcome back to the forum!

    Welcome back to the forum!
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    Meet Max!

    Hey there, I'm @Max! I joined Truck Simulator Central just after it launched to the public in January 2014, and I've been here ever since! During my time here, I've seen the community rebrand as TruckSim.Org, and grow to be one of the largest truck simulator communities online today. As part of...
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    Professional VTC Section Guidelines - Read this before you post!

    This is the section for Professional VTC's, who have a clear expectation of their drivers, and try to operate as close to real life as possible. When you're making a new post, please try to do the following: Write a brief (or detailed) "About us". Try to include what your company is about, what...
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    Hello from Cornwall

    Hi there, and welcome aboard! :)