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    Cristmas Gift Delivery - No Contracts offered - requirements?

    fasttravel did somehow fixed the offered deliveries Are there any character level or skill requirements for the Christmas Gift Delivery? Have not seen one yet, only the usual construction machines "Digger 1000", Metal Scrap, Wood, ... Or does it depend on the starting town? Lorem Ipsum Temp...
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    A workaround for WoTr contract jobs while using map mods

    Not sure if anyone have posted this before but I think I have a solution on how to take those contract jobs on WoTr even when you are using a map mod such as Promods: Play within the DLC area, specifically France and Italy. Notice that I don't include Scandinavia and East, because 1337x...
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    Everything I should know as a beginner to ETS 2

    I want to eeverything I should know. Starting off, in the future, about driving or about the business side of things. EVERYTHING. Many thanks, fellow truckers.
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    Looking for a headlight mod.

    I'm looking for a mod that makes the AI traffic headlights brighter than the default. Not the headlights on my owned trucks, PutLocker but the AI traffic. I can barely see them when they are lit up at night directly in front...
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    Transmission type

    Hey guys, returning to ETS2, had a question about the differences between Simple Automatic and Real Automatic 1337x KissAsian MangaStream transmissions, and what would be the "realistic" one to use in ETS2? I've heard that European haulers mostly do autos.
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    Doubt about DLCs

    Good morning guys. I'm thinking about buying the game, and considering to get the Steam deal that comes with two big DLCs. Lorem Ipsum Temp Mail 10 Minute Mail But the thing is that there's still a lot of other DLCs that cost a lot, and I don't wanna buy everything at once. So I'd like to know...
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    Double trailers

    Why are double trailers only used in Scandinavian countries in the game? I genuinely thought the Baltic dlc would allow double trailers in 1337x KissAsian MangaStream all the new countries and was excited to drive up through Finland and down through Russia all the way to Lithuania with my...
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    Cant move trucks/cars on TruckersMP

    so, i was playing ets2 and i bought a new truck and placed it in the garage of lille and i wanted to drive it, while i was in another truck that came from the garage of lille and i get placed in Dusseldorf. My garage...
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    New to American Truck Sim, any essential mods I should get or just play vanilla?

    I was curious if there's a must have mod to play with this game. I heard there's one for more car variety on the roads. Anyways, i'm looking to explore more of this game!
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    Question about G920

    Bought a G920 a month ago. It 1337x KissAsian MangaStream worked perfect at first. installed pro mods and 1.33 now for some reason I can only go into reverse if I double tap the gas pedal and than it just drives itself backwards.(cant control gas) I reset all my controls and what not. Any ideas...
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    You got Post-Soviet right, SCS!

    OK. I have to confess I was really afraid this DLC would be actually worse than the Promods/Rusmap areas it was supposed to overwrite. Almost all the devblogs showed shiny monuments, super-modern broad roads and flawless, finely modeled buildings in clean picturesque villages. Well, I am from a...
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    A feature for those who own and enjoy both ATS and ETS2.

    It would be super awesome if there was an option to sync profiles, progress, and settings (etc?) between ATS and ETS2. It'd be even better if you could seamlessely switch between the two, like if your character took a 1337x KissAsian MangaStream plane to the other continent and you didn't have...
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    Night time bug plus help

    Do you know how to solve the problem where it is always night time in ets2mp? I couldn't find anything helpful so The clock in the truck is at first synchron with the clock in the hud, but as soon as I start the...
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    New To ATS, and I'm Hooked!

    So I get free games every month with Humble Bundle. So American Truck Simulator was one of my freebies from last month. I'm not gonna lie, I do mostly sim racing and I honestly thought it would be too slow and boring to hold my interest. I couldn't Speed Test Scrabble Word Finder Solitaire have...
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    Euro Truck Simulator 2 - The controlls are weird

    I'm playing ETS2 with a PS4 controller and had no issues until now. When I press the L1 button, which is supposed to be the left blinker, the left blinker starts, but the emergency break also turns on. I've checked the settings several times, there's nothing which indicates that the break is...