Donation Fund

Welcome to the community fund page. is a community run by the community. We are in no way sponsored by SCS Software or any publishing or video game software entities. Because of this, we solely rely on advertisers and donations to keep the website running. Any member may donate to the website either by upgrading their account to our Premium Membership plan, or by simply sending us kind donations.

Donations or Membership subscriptions help cover server upgrades, licensing fees and also contributes towards funding future prize giveaways. Please feel free to give a little back, as we could not do any of what we do it without you. Without our community chipping in, Seven and Max would be paying for the whole thing!

PLEASE NOTE: ALL funds raised through generous donations and account upgrades are put directly back in to the website.

PLEASE NOTE #2: Donations through this page, are simply kind donations. These donations do not go towards account upgrades. If your donation is £15 or more, and you would rather it go towards an account upgrade then Click Here! (Opens in new window).

Thanks for your support!