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    FAO: Advertisers, business owners or individuals looking to expand their services.


    Recently we have had an increase in requests for advertisement space on our Forums here as well as on our Facebook page. With Google no longer supporting us for AdSense we have decided to open up our slots for use by anyone.

    Costs for the spaces are low, but negotiable. Whether you want a front page ad or something smaller we will help as best as we can. By partnering with us you will gain attention and custom as well as respect from our community for helping to keep our non-profit community online.


    With our massive and ever increasing user base, you will always get traffic. Our friendly management team will also make you feel welcome unlike other websites that will simply give you the space and end it at that. We make sure you’re satisfied with the service you are receiving.

    We are a leading community for virtual trucking enthusiasts. Our members range from hardcore and casual gamers, real life truckers, ordinary people and even those just getting to grips with Simulator games and the trucking community.

    Please do feel free to contact me to negotiate the content, placement and scale you wish to advertise. You will find our rates incomparable for the level of traffic our pages receive.

    Kind regards,
    Truck Simulator Central Team

    Users may wish to support TruckSim by becoming a Gold Member which includes added perks within our website.

    Users may also wish to support the site by simply adding our banner or a link to their website.



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