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Dec 23, 2018
united states
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Welcome to Virtual American Pride Enterprises Logistics,.We are a virtual trucking company for the game American Truck Sim and possibly for ETS2 Later. We here at American Pride Enterprises Logistics. strive on realism and we are willing to do anything to acheive it. We provide services threw out the current map availible . It is a promise from our staff and me the ceo to be actively involved with our company. Our company is here to provide a fun addition and environment to your gaming experience. The money that 's involved in this company are virtual and no real money will ever be a part of this site. In other words you can not earn real money here, everything is virtual.

We are Hiring for the following positions:

COO company vice president help operate the vtc and the forums
Fleet Maintenance Manager Maintains fleet responsibility Repairs maintenance report sheet
Events Manager: setup convoy events dates , time post on calendar
Driver Recruiter: to hire new and experienced drivers
modder skinner for ats

To start off where just doin convoys right now till websites complete. we are here for now then go to fill out application form

Our future site im updating is for more American truck sim single player vtc


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