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    Convoy Details:
    ★ START: Białystok, Tree-ET
    ★ FINISH: Banská Bystrica, Tree-ET
    ★ DATE: 12/03/2018
    ★ TIME: 18:30 BST
    ★ SERVER: EU3
    ★ DLC NEEDED: Going East!

    ★ Full Route:

    ★Follow the TMP Rules! Found at
    ★We allow Heavy Haul trailers, we do ask you keep others in mind when picking the trailer.
    ★There will be NO Fuel stops or Breaks. So, fill up, Repair and Sleep before the convoy.
    ★Please keep a minimum distance at 60Metres from the truck in front!
    ★Please don't overtake!! It's a convoy, not a race...

    ★ Atlas Gaming Website:
    ★ VTC Website:
    ★ Discord:
    ★ Twitter:
    ★ Twitch:

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