ETS2 [CCI] Interested in joining a VTC?


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Dec 16, 2017
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Lead the way with CC International Transport.
CCI is an International community of Trucking enthusiasts,

Why should you join?
Every week we host a convoy ingame for our drivers or in association with our partner companies.
There is always someone online willing to explore the map of Euro Truck Simulator 2, Drivers independently
meet in the game for some trucking fun! We have an unlisted channel of saved upcoming charity events with
a dedicated parking slot just for you.
Image: CCI with Kutluturk VTC

Singleplayer: We have opportunities for those who do not use Multiplayer and enjoys the use of mods in Singleplayer.
We have paint job mods for multiple truck paint mods including paints for Scania S and Scania T RJL truck mod with
plans to expand our collection in the nearest future.

Live Dispatch + Auto Logging: If you want a real trucking experience, have your jobs dispatched directly to your Trucks book client! We have set up
a dispatch request channel on our Discord server along with a separate dispatcher role for our drivers to request dispatch
and also check when a dispatcher is online.

Apply Online: Simple Registration

Also, find us on Facebook, we have an average response time of 3 minutes!
Send us a message or browse recent news:
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