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Feb 26, 2014
Hello everyone!

I've been somewhat of a silent member here and around the community for a while now. Truck Sim (especially ATS) is a super fun and entertaining pass time for me these days and is something I really enjoy. I enjoy it in addition to other sims like the classic FSX from Microsoft and I also dabble in Farming Simulator from time-to-time but not as often.

Lately I have found when downloading mods outside of the Steam Workshop, which is what I usually do but some just aren't available there, that many of the file hosts creators are using are pretty shady and have a lot of popups and are just generally slow.

What I've done is create a free mod hosting site which currently has no ads and no download speed restrictions or "premium accounts" in place to limit it's use.

I've only just created it so I'm really hoping for some feedback and constructive criticism from the community. Right now. I'm not sure if advertisement-like posts are banned here on the forum (if so please delete), however I wouldn't really call this an ad as I'm not making money from the service.

Eventually the I will be featuring some advertising on the site but never misleading or popup ads. I've created this out of frustration and hopefully it gets some use and people appreciate the somewhat streamlined experience.

Thanks in advance for any comments and feedback, I really appreciate it!

The site can be found at ModSharing.com. I would also really appreciate a follow/like on the Facebook page, which is linked to from the site. Please share with any mod authors you may know.


Long Hauler
Jun 24, 2014
World of Trucks
Favorite Truck
Hey, welcome here I guess ! ;)
I'm not a mod author (just a mod user :p), but I like the idea of your website ! I hope authors will be interested in your work, and will give it a try.
It looks easy to use, so well done ! :)