ATS Newman's Transcontinental Freightlines

Mar 14, 2016
Oregon, United States of America
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NTF | Newman's Transcontinental Freightlines is an ATS/ETS2 VTC that reopened in April of 2019 by Will Newman Sr. when he left [NAT] National Freightways. NTF was created as a layed back friendly VTC. Drivers are not required to deliver loads or participate in convoys with the VTC. We have a unique way for drivers to increase thier role as a driver starting as a Rookie Driver and ending with Super Driver. Drivers gain these Roles by the amount of Miles/KM they driven to deilver a load.

We have a Discord that is open to the drivers. In MP we use Divided paint scheme with white on top and Blue on bottom. Single Player Skins are being reworked.

Recuriments to Join NTF
Age: 16+ (18+ to be Staff)
Microphone: Required
Language: Must be able to read and speak English
Software: Have Discord on PC, smart phone, or tablet.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Will Newman on our Discord or email

Please Note we also play Farming Simultor 19 as well as Mincraft.

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