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Scania is a community run by the community. We are in no way sponsored by SCS Software or any publishing or video game software entities. Because of this, we solely rely on advertisers and donations to keep the website running.

Any member may donate to the website either by upgrading their account to our Premium Membership plan, or by simply sending us kind donations.


You can help contribute towards the costs by upgrading your account to our Premium Membership plan.

Here is a FULL list of features that you will receive when you upgrade your account to Premium Membership

Premium Membership gives you access to the following perks:
Free UNLIMITED Username changes - Premium Membership provides you with the ability to change your username at your discretion once every 10 days, simply by submitting a Username Change Request in our Account Help Desk.

Removal of ALL Adense advertisements - Running a website is a costly task, and as stated, we solely rely on advertisers and donations. By upgrading your account, you help to alleviate these costs so in return ALL Google advertisements will be removed during your subscription. However, the VersoBit advertisement will still be visible, in agreement with our hosts.

Signature Links - Helpful if you are an owner or member of a Virtual Trucking Company and want some more exposure. For the duration of your subscription, you will be able to use the link tags in your signature, where as normal members cannot have signature links

Custom User Title - As a Premium Member, you have full control over your user title and are able to customize this at any time you like.

Gold Ribbon - Underneath your profile picture when you post you will be dressed with our "Premium Member" gold ribbon.

Extra Giveaway entries - You will automatically receive extra entries in to our Giveaways. Plus, you can still sign up manually for an extra entry!

Premium Forum section - Our Premium Members benefit from having an exclusive section on the forums. We may offer extra Premium-only Giveaways, you will see sneak peeks in to what the Staff are planning such as Streams and Events. Plus you will have early entry in to Banner contests.

Premium Discord - We now host a Premium and Staff-only Discord server! You will be allowed to create your own channel, chat directly with other Premium users and the Staff!

Gallery Albums - Create your own albums in our Gallery!

No Gallery limit - Ability to bypass our Gallery upload limit and upload as many screenshots as you like!

End-of-year "Pizza" Giveaway - For our Annual/Lifetime members we run an exclusive Giveaway where you might win free food from a takeout of your choice. Who doesn't like free food?!

You can become a Premium Member here:
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