ETS2 [RECRUITING] OverDrive Haulage VTC


Rookie Trucker
Mar 13, 2019
Hi Guys

My Name is Luke or known as Lumey, I am one of 2 directors for OverDrive Haulage and then we have the owner.

I am here making this post to announce that OverDrive Haulage Is now Recruiting truckers NOW and even staff soon.

Why should you chose to truck for us other anyone else, We are a new VTC with a 9 People who enjoy trucking and have always wanted to make a company. We finally started the company back on the 17th of January but we never did anything with the company, Me and the second director of the VTC said to each other and let's do this and make it different and make it work, So we rebranded and got the VTC Up and running.

We really enjoy trucking and being on the road together and we want to get more people with us to have fun with and make the company look great.

The VTC is very active right now, We are taking part in public convoys and making convoys of the VTC too, The last few days we have taken part in Mark Armstongs Convoys and he even mentions he liked the driving and VTC and he ended up watching OverDrive Streams, This Motived us to branch out to other peoples convoys too and we have registered to two other BIG convoys coming up.

OverDrive Haulage will be attending WorldWide Trucking In their #SupportEpilepsy2019 and we have booked the companies place in the convoy.

OverDrive will also be attending Drive For Life TakeOver, (We didn't get to apply in time to book a place in the main area but we still are welcome to truck in the convoy as is anyone)

OverDrive is always making convoys and even attending other VTC convoys to show respect and support to others out there.

Please feel free to join OverDrive Discord we are active and looking for people to join the company or join and use the discord to let us know if you have a convoy you would like to join and truck with you

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