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    We are in a hurry to haul our Sim Trailer to the city of Poznań in Poland to attend the Poznan Game Arena 2018 gaming expo this weekend. We are looking forward to meeting our Polish fans there!

    The logistics of the trip is pretty crazy. It's a long way from Jarama, Spain, and we have an extra complication to deal with. One of the custom steering wheels installed in the motions seats developed some sort of electronics problem (or so we think), and we need to make an extra stop half way to our destination to try to fix or replace it. If you have been to Master Truck Opole, you may remember all the fine dust in the air covering everything quickly. We tried to clean it all up, but it got pretty much everywhere, we are actually pleasantly surprised our hardware lasted this long. It's not all just fun and games, far from it; our On The Road team is working under very tough conditions. Fortunately, meeting the fans makes up for the stress on the road.

    If you can make it to PGA to visit this big gaming event running from 12th to 14th of October, we will be fully ready for you. We will be showing our just-released ATS Oregon DLC, of course, but you may also see an exclusive glimpse of the upcoming ATS Special Transport expansion or Beyond the Baltic Sea map. Our friends at Polish distributor IMGN.PRO are very helpful in organizing our presence at PGA, and they are planning to experiment and set up a little merchandise shop alongside our regular show. If you can't be there with us, you are welcome to follow our daily feed on social media profiles on Instagram and Twitter where we'll be covering the show in real time.

    As an appetizer, let's recap the previous event we have participated in - the FIA ETRC truck race at Jarama. The FIA European Truck Racing Championship 2018 is over now, the champions are crowned. Eights races in eight countries provided a ton of opportunities for us to get close to our fans, to get a lot of inspirations, and even to make some new friendships.

    Here is a bunch of pictures taken during our stay at Circuito del Jarama for the final event of the ETRC 2018 season. We are sending our regards to Pedro of Pumizo3D - we are looking forward to seeing your video report from Jarama! Big thanks to our Spanish friend Ivan who was extremely helpful bridging the language barrier! This event wouldn't have been so great without you.


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