SCS Blog: Washington: Prefab building

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Apr 1, 2014
One of the challenging tasks with every new map expansion is to come up with new industry depots. Since these are the cornerstone of the in-game economy with direct impact on gameplay overall, their development has come a long way from the same-sized generic prefabs, through landmark-like quality of huge industry areas to modular depots - which you could see for the first time in our recent map expansions of Oregon and Beyond the Baltic Sea.

In Washington, we took another step with modular prefabs. Each dock consists of the foundation stone of our own depot and around it, we gradually build the whole complex, making the process quick and efficient. This also makes each depot unique, as every map designer has a different approach.

Today's batch of screenshots shows depots in general, while some of the future blog posts will go more in depth of the industries found in the state of Washington.



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Nov 3, 2017
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Always super exciting to get a new state !

However, since the team gets better and pushes the limits with each new DLC it has the pervert effect of making "older" states look really bad. I totally love driving through Oregon and New Mexico, but having to go through California or Nevada is really a pain. Theirs landscapes look dull and really not on par with the more recent areas. Kind of how Germany is really a joke compared to France, Italy or the Baltic area in ETS2.
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