Virtual Trucking Companies - Section Guidelines & How To Advertise

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Virtual Trucking Companies
Section Rules - Last Updated: 13/09/2016
Please read carefully before posting a thread

This section is dedicated for those who run a VTC and are looking for new ways to improve or recruit new members.

Please do NOT post advertisements in this section. You may only do so in the VTC Promotion sections.

We have three different VTC Promotion sections, one for ATS only VTC's, one for ETS2 only VTC's and one for VTC's that operate over both games. You should only advertise your VTC in one of these sections.

If you've closed your VTC and wish to have it's thread locked and the recruiting tag removed please contact a member of the staff team, they will be happy to help you.

You can:
  • Ask any questions relating to VTC's
  • Seek help & discuss starting up your own VTC
  • Comply with the general forum rules
You MUST NOT do the following:
  • Advertise/promote your VTC in anyone else's thread
  • Excessively bump your thread or double post
  • Make two or more threads for your VTC - One is enough
  • Include images, for example, a picture of your fleet or a logo.
  • Write a brief (or detailed) "About us" such as what your company is about and who it's targeted to.
  • Make it interesting! A simple, unattractive thread will not gain much traffic. Make your company your own, but make your company stand out! We won't give you the free ad space if you don't put the effort in to at least make it look good! :p
*Any threads that do not comply with these rules will be removed.
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