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    Hey You, Wait What Me? Yeah You We Need You.

    J.K.Trucks.VTC Is Recruiting Now.

    Looking For A VTC, We Are The VTC You Just Whan't To Join. J.K.Trucks.VTC
    Is A Brand New ETS2 And ATS driving/Convoy Based VTC. We Are Partned With The 'Pilot Gaming Community'.

    Alright But why Do You Whan't Me To Join And Why Is Your's Better Than The Others.

    1. Whe Have 24/7 Staff support Just To Make YOUR Drive Better
    2. Whe Have Many Media Platforms For You The Driver To Keep Up to date
    3. Our Site Is A Clear And Clean Site So You Can Stay Connected to The VTC Realy Easily.
    4. Meat Your Fellow Drivers On Our Discord Server, And Make Some New Friends.
    5. Whan't To RankUp, Our Easy Ranking System Makes It Easy For You To Do That.

    Visit Our Brand New Site: [Remember The Site Is Still In Alpha]

    Alright I Think I Will Join J.K.Trucks.VTC.

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